Aquabike is a special aquatic fitness, which gives the possibility to do sport and get relax.  When you cycle in water, water jets are massaging the body problem areas and the Chrome Color Light creates a relaxing atmosphere.

3 in 1 – water, bicycle, hidromassage
  • Efficiently burns calories – Up to 900 kcal
  • Reduces weight
  • Effectively fights orange peel
  • Actively enhances blood flow and heart function
  • Decreases pain in joints
  • Tones the skin
  • Reduce water retention
  • Improves lymph drainage
  • Helps to regain pre-natal form
  • Improves sleep and immune system

Lady’s favorite fitness!

Why Aquabike trainer?

  • Exercise in the water with the Aquabike trainer is a very effective way to keep yourself in great shape, because water resistance provides great movement efficiency, but does not overdo your muscles and joints, and prevents overwork. Aquabike training is for everyone, regardless of physical fitness.
  • Aquabike is an alternative to many other health and beauty treatments, such as water aerobics, swimming, jogging, LPG massage, vacuum therapy, lymphatic drainage, Cryosauna therapy and more. c. because Aquabike forces all muscle groups in the body to work.
Aquabike effect on your body is very versatile:
  • strengthening the entire body muscle;
  • reduces pain, physical fatigue, emotional tension;
  • reduces the volume of fat cells, effectively preventing cellulite, and restoring the elasticity of the skin, leaving it silky smooth and firm;
  • improves lymphatic drainage, metabolism and circulation in veins and arteries;
  • effectively burns calories, which contributes to effective slimming by reducing volume in such problem areas as the hips, legs and abdomen;
  • relaxing and strengthening effect on the nervous system;
  • body is given extra energy, as well as happiness hormones (endorphins);
  • strengthens the immune system and improves sleep quality.
  • Aquabike is a combination of cardio (cardiovascular workout) and strength training that contributes to overall physical development, helps to lose excess weight (effectively burning calories), and develops whole body (especially leg) muscles.
  • This exercise is useful both in rehabilitation to strengthen the heart muscle, stabilize heart rate and metabolism, and to improve your body and keep yourself in good physical shape.
  • Aquabike multifunctional trainer does not require hard, physical work and time consuming, but training is very effective in improving and maintaining overall health, as well as maintaining youthful and beautiful stature.


It is an individual Jacuzzi with integrated pedal system that uses hydraulic resistance, providing three key benefits:
  • Water cycling improves cardiovascular endurance, slowing the heart rate, increasing the lung capacity and revitalizing.
  • Training in water and massaging effect by the water jets are reducing orange peel effect, smooth the skin, strengthen veins, massage the muscles, improve posture, shape and well-being.
  • Cycling in water and water jet massage burns calories faster than the traditional cycling.


  • We provide privacy and quiet atmosphere during the procedure, because each trainer is located in a separate room.
  • During the sports activities there is an opportunity to watch video trainer.
  • Good sound is ensured by means of Bluetooth headset.
  • If you have the desire to do sport together with someone, there is a movable wall between the trainers that can be opened and you can spend the training in good company.
Fast and easy
  • The aquabike training provides the significantly lower physical load as the body in constant contact with water. This allows achieving a significant weight reduction within a short time and maintaining better shape with significantly less effort.
  • Due to the fact that aquatic trainer requires less physical fitness, it is available for older people and after rehabilitation, as well as for pregnant women.
  • Your upper body stays dry during the training, so you do not need shower after it and can save your time, but despite this fact, each room is equipped with showers for your convenience.

We have made a detailed study in order to find a top quality, functional and aesthetic aquatic trainer.

  • This trainer is produced in France, passed a number of tests.
  • The location of the jets is very significant, as they should be absolutely symmetrical.
  • Trainer does not have doors, it allows not only locating the water jets in the side areas, but also saving your time, because you do not need to wait until the bath fills with water.
  • Aquabike is equipped with a monitor, where you can adjust the intensity as well as use the virtual coaching.
  • The bath is filled individually for each client, we do not use any chemistry.


  • Bring your swimsuit with you when visiting the water trainer.
  • We provide towel and slippers.


  • AQUABIKE 30 min. – 24.00€
  • AQUABIKE 45 min. – 30.00€
  • AQUABIKE – at Happy Hours (10.00-14.00) 30 min. – 19.00€
  • AQUABIKE – at Happy Hours (10.00-14.00) 45 min. – 22.00€
  • 2 SESSIONS FOR NEW CLIENT – 2 INTRODUCTION SESSIONS  (each 30 min.) – 34.00€ (1 session 17€ )! (REGULAR PRICE 48.00 €)
    • SUBSCRIPTION for 6 AQUABIKE SESSIONS (30 min.) – 135€ (REGULAR PRICE 144.00 €) ! – valid for 2 months
    • SUBSCRIPTION for 6 AQUABIKE SESSIONS (45 min.) – 165€ (REGULAR PRICE 180.00 €) ! – valid for 2 months
      Observing subscription expiration dates
      • The subscription can be extended for 2 weeks if it has not expired.
      • If you extend your subscription for more than 2 weeks (but not more than 4 weeks) you will be charged 20% of the remaining value of the subscription.
      • A subscription that has expired 6 months ago is not renewed.
      • You will not be refunded for non-use of your subscription.
      Aquabike is not suitable for visiting and is strictly prohibited for persons:
      • with fever,
      • conjunctivitis
      • skin diseases or open wounds,
      • with bandages or other contagious diseases which endanger or may endanger the life and health of themselves and other visitors,
      • high blood pressure
      • with oncological diseases, thrombosis,
      • with severe cardiovascular diseases,
      • with atherosclerosis,
      • with diabetes,
      • with endarteritis,
      • pregnancy 1 – 3 months.


      • You can book treatments by calling our phone number +371 25690999 or by registering in our online booking system.
      • Please notify us 2 hours before the lesson if you are unable to attend the lesson. If you do not show up and have not warned us, we reserve the right to consider the lesson as completed.
      • You can only cancel a lesson by calling the phone. +371 25690999 or write a message to the specified phone number. Reservations made online can be canceled by us in our online booking system.
      • Let’s respect each other and our time!


      • In the water, your body consumes 50% more energy than on the earth,
      • In water, the body moves more easily, has less stressed limbs, relieves the spine,
      • At the same time, the muscles work even harder than the gym because water creates extra resistance,
      • Along with exercise, the body is also massaged, the body hardens, improves well-being,
      • Each exercise requires much more power, but in reality it is not felt because the high load is absorbed by water,
      • A person in the water can perform exercises with an amplitude he could not even dream of in the gym,
      • Aquabike is the best way to lose weight because the calorie consumption in water is twice as high as sweating in the gym,
      • When exercising on land, the legs and spine are overloaded and there is no such load in the water.
      • Water fitness is a wonderful prevention for people who have sedentary, stressful work,
      • The muscles of the body work, but the joints rest,
      • Exercising in water also massages the internal organs, which in turn has a beneficial effect on the metabolism and activates it. For example, the kidneys are well circulated and the harmful substances and toxins are also excreted more quickly.
      • Regular water activities are great for improving immunity and helping to regulate metabolic disorders,
      • In addition, in a cool environment, the body uses more energy to warm up, which is also important for slimming,
      • In water, the body weight is only 1/10 of the real body weight,
      • Water classes are especially recommended for tightening excess skin, which is definitely important for young mothers who do not get rid of the stretched belly.


      Doctor P. Blanchemaison. Specialist in circulatory disorders and cardiovascular disease

      When exercising in water, the increased resistance created by the water builds up endurance. In addition, the current generated by the jets has a real draining effect on fat and skin excess. Cycling in water is the best form of draining that exists to date. The strengthening of the venous and lymphatic networks has remarkable results in combatting water retention and reducing weight ans excess fat.


      If a visitor, after reading the terms of use of the Service, chooses to use Aquabike, then the visitor’s state of health and other conditions shall be deemed to be appropriate for the use of this service.

      Aquabike is not suitable for visiting and is strictly prohibited for persons:

      • with fever,
      • conjunctivitis
      • skin diseases or open wounds,
      • with bandages or other contagious diseases which endanger or may endanger the life and health of themselves and other visitors,
      • high blood pressure
      • with oncological diseases, thrombosis,
      • with severe cardiovascular diseases,
      • with atherosclerosis,
      • with diabetes,
      • with endarteritis,
      • pregnancy 1 – 3 months
      • under the influence of alcohol and other intoxicants.

      Any visitor who fails to comply with these terms and conditions, warning signs, inscriptions, administrator warnings posted by the Fitness Studio may be expelled from the Fitness Studio without reimbursement of the service charge.

      The fitness studio shall not be liable for any loss, accident, injury or any other incident resulting from the visitor’s negligence or breach of the rules.Fitnesa studijas administrācija patur tiesības jebkurā laikā un bez iepriekšēja brīdinājuma mainīt piedāvājamo pakalpojuma cenas, darba laikus, akcijas u.tml.

      No compensation will be granted for the above changes.

      Observing subscription / gift card expiration dates

      • The validity of the subscription / gift card is indicated in the price list of the offer.
      • Your expired subscription / gift card will not be renewed.
      • There is no refund for non-use of the subscription / gift card purchased.
      • In order to prepare and enjoy the procedure from start to finish, please arrive at least 10 minutes before the procedure.
      • The Aquabike trainer is prepared specifically for you (it pours warm water 10 minutes before the procedure).
      • For your convenience and for prospective clients, please do not delay the class and arrive 10 minutes before your appointment.
      • After the procedure or a visit to the water trainer, we invite you to enjoy the products in our FITO bar.
      For your well-being and health
      • To ensure that the procedures are safe, effective and enjoyable, please complete the client card the first time you visit.
      • Call for warning of allergies, illness, pregnancy, post-operative or other trauma.
      • For your convenience, we provide towels and slippers for a visit to the water trainer.
      • Each classroom has a shower, shampoo and hairdryer.
      • For massage visit we provide bathrobe, slippers, disposable linen and other necessary for the procedure.
      • During the procedures, please mute the cell phone, thus forgetting the hurry and enjoying the environment and procedures that you are given!
      • We are entitled to refuse the procedure if the client is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, behaves in an obscene manner or otherwise interferes with our visitors and our work.
      • We recommend combining with other body treatments!