The procedure is performed with the machine B-Flexy, which also allows to eliminate extremely persistent excess weight, which is not conducive to diet and exercise. Massage with B-Flexy will also be great for those who are on a diet and want to maintain firm skin by reducing body size. Equally effective, B-Flexy massage helps regain an attractive figure for new mothers.

Methodology of the procedure

The methodology is based on two action forces: vacuum and mechanical. The principle of action is based on exposure to all levels of the dermis, both upper and lower.

B-Flexy technology is one of the few that acts directly on subcutaneous fat deposits. The tip rollers provide extra massage, make the skin smoother and more elastic, and evenly distribute the vacuum load.

During the procedure:

  • vacuum discharge creates a crease,
  • vacuum improves microcirculation and increases metabolism in the skin layer,
  • stimulate venous blood flow,
  • decrease in edema,
  • active substances (metabolic products) are excreted from the skin,
  • skin cells are better saturated with nutrients and oxygen.
Effects of the procedure:
  • elimination of cellulite of all forms and stages;
  • reduction of body size by a few cm after 2-3 sessions;
  • improvement of the skin structure after the 1st procedure;
  • reduction of external and internal edema.
Advantages of the procedure:
  • continuous and very strong vacuum action;
  • adjustable vacuum power and exposure time for specific areas of the body, thus paying due attention to problem areas;
  • large volume of the procedure chamber;
  • high European quality.
B-Flexy Apparatus Procedure Suitable for:
  • all forms and stages of cellulite treatment;
  • body size reduction;
  • weight loss;
  • body contour correction;
  • or the reduction of stretch marks;
  • lymphatic drainage massage.

Duration of procedure: 60 min.

For the procedure to be carried out hygienically and comfortably, the client must wear a special close-fitting costume that ensures contact with the rollers.
For best results, we recommend that you complete a full B-Flexy vacuum massage course 2-3 times a week (10-15 sessions in total).
Please note that 2 hours before the procedure and 2 hours after, should not eat. Before and after the procedure it is advisable to take liquid, at least one glass of water.




  • VACUUM MASSAGE 30 min. – 26.00€
  • Subscription for 6 sessions of VACUUM MASSAGE 30 min. – 150.00€
  • Subscription for 12 sessions of VACUUM MASSAGE 30 min. – 270.00€


  • VACUUM MASSAGE 40 min. – 30.00€
  • Subscription for 6 sessions of VACUUM MASSAGE 40 min. – 165.00€
  • Subscription for 12 sessions of VACUUM MASSAGE 40 min. – 300.00€


  • Specialized costume rental – 2.00€
  • Possibility to buy individual costume – 20.00€
          Observing subscription expiration dates
          • The subscription can be extended for 2 weeks if it has not expired.
          • If you extend your subscription for more than 2 weeks (but not more than 4 weeks) you will be charged 20% of the remaining value of the subscription.
          • A subscription that has expired 6 months ago is not renewed.
          • You will not be refunded for non-use of your subscription.
          Contraindications to the procedure:
          • pregnancy;
          • blood clotting disorders;
          • hepatitis;
          • renal failure;
          • diabetes;
          • osteoporosis;
          • breast-feeding for up to 6 months;
          • open wounds and other skin lesions;
          • uterine myoma;
          • skin diseases.