Every woman dreams of a beautiful body, but not all are born athletes. Many do not have the time and energy to go to the gym because there are too many responsibilities at work and at home. Also, different diets are not always effective. In this situation, the ideal solution is the lymphatic drainage method - figure modeling and weight loss with lymphatic drainage massage using the unique Roll Shaper trainers.

About Roll Shaper
  • Massager is a comfortable bench with a large rotating cylinder heated from inside by an infrared lamp.
  • Castors attached to it rotates at various intensities, massaging the muscles with slight vibrations.
  • The woman’s task is to perform 18 exercises or an appropriate posture on the trainer for massaging different parts of the body according to the individual program of her choice.
  • Massage is done from feet upwards, stimulating the entire lymphatic system and promoting lymphatic circulation.




  • SUBSCRIPTION for 10 sessions 60 min. – 80.00 € (8.00 €/session (REGULAR PRICE 100.00 €) ! valid for 2 months
  • SUBSCRIPTION for 10 sessions 45 min. – 60.00 € (6.00 €/session (REGULAR PRICE 70.00 €) ! valid for 2 months
Observing subscription expiration dates
  • The subscription can be extended for 2 weeks if it has not expired.
  • If you extend your subscription for more than 2 weeks (but not more than 4 weeks) you will be charged 20% of the remaining value of the subscription.
  • A subscription that has expired 6 months ago is not renewed.
  • You will not be refunded for non-use of your subscription.
Did you know that:
  • The lymphatic system is like a sewer in the human body.
  • The human body has approx. 1-2 liters of lymph.
  • The human body has approx. 700-800 different size lymph nodes.
  • Lymph passes through the lymph nodes, which is then filtered – microbes,
  • harmful particles are trapped.
  • Normal lymphatic circulation – youthful appearance, good condition of blood vessels, skin and joints. It is good feeling – cheerfulness, energy, ability to quickly recover physical and psychological forces.
As a result:

Lymphatic flow through the lymphatic vessels is provided by muscle contraction. Therefore, movements are a prerequisite to lymphatic system functions properly.

  • Lymphatic drainage massage removes excess fluid from the body.
  • After the massage the excretion of gases, proteins, mineral salts, lactic acid, uric acid and urea is improved.
  • Massage removes lymphatic stasis and the body begins to successfully fight diseases.
  • Massage is also important for prevention – it should be done once a week to anyone over 25, at least for those who want to keep their blood vessels and tissues young for longer.
The service is not appropriate and is strictly prohibited for use by persons with the following contraindications:
  • post-operative period
  • skin diseases or open wounds, bandages or other contagious diseases
  • high pressure
  • oncology
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • pregnancy
  • varicose veins
  • gynecological diseases